Anthracite Beans 25Kg
Anthracite Beans 25Kg

Anthracite Beans 25Kg

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Anthracite is for specific applications only.  For general stove or open fire burning, use standard smokeless fuels/ovoids.

Anthracite Beans are a naturally sourced smokeless fuel which is suitable for gravity-feed boilers and similar appliances.

Deep-mined Premium Anthracite Beans are consistent, dependable and can be used in Smoke Control Areas. They produce a low intense flame which burns for long periods. What’s more, they are also cleaner than many other solid fuels as they leave very little ash.

When using Anthracite Beans, you can be assured of a consistent fuel which will provide a strong performance and warmth.

  • Provides an intense, long-lasting fire
  • Burns with a high heat and low flame
  • Highly dependable performance
  • Produces very little ash
  • Suitable for smokeless zones.