Anthracite Large Nuts 25Kg

Anthracite Large Nuts 25Kg

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Anthracite is for specific applications only.  For general stove or open fire burning, use standard smokeless fuels/ovoids.

Anthracite Large Nuts is a natural smokeless fuel, ideal for use in cookers, boilers, and other closed appliances. Anthracite nuts pack together tightly to create an intense and long lasting fire bed which is popular with those looking for efficient heat.

Anthracite Nuts are a high performance fuel which burn with a high heat and low flame, and leave little ash behind. Thanks to the smokeless qualities of anthracite, these Anthracite Large Nuts are suitable for use in Smoke Control Areas. They can also be used in glass fronted appliances as they are very clean burning.

Premium Anthracite Nuts are well known for being a reliable and dependable smokeless fuel. When burning, you can be assured of a uniform flame and consistently good temperatures.

  • Provides an intense, long-lasting fire
  • Burns with a high heat and low flame
  • Produces very little ash
  • Suitable for smokeless zone