Ash Barrow bags (180ltr)
Ash Barrow bags (180ltr)

Ash Barrow bags (180ltr)

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Ash Sacks:

Please note that the Ash Barrow bags have been discontinued and replaced with the 58ltr Ash sacks.  The barrow bags at around 85kg (13stone) are proving to be too heavy to transport on and off our vans.  The sacks at around 28kg offer around the same value and are easier to handle.  All £7 barrow bag deposits will be refunded, just make a note when ordering the sacks.

Ash Sacks:

Ash Barrow Bags (180ltr)

Ash is widely regarded as the best hardwood for burning. These logs will burn around 30% longer than birch.

Delivery restrictions for Barrow Bags (see above):

    Barrow bags are loose filled at 85kg (approx.) with a refundable deposit of £7 on the barrow bags.

    Because of the weight of the barrow bags, delivery is conditional upon access being free from obstacles and good roads being available to the delivery vehicles to the place of delivery. Our delivery drivers are not expected to manoeuvre the bags beyond awkward access points, but will always be as helpful as possible, where conditions allow.  Restrictions:

    • No steps or trip hazards
    • No slippery surfaces or slip hazards, e.g. ice or wet deck boards
    • Not inside houses, this also protects yourself against falls inside your home
    • Thank you for your assistance and understanding regarding this.

    Volume discounts available, check Homepage for details.

    You may also be interested in our smaller Ash Sacks, which are much easier to handle.