Oak Charcoal 10kg

Oak Charcoal 10kg

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Oak Lumpwood charcoal is a restaurant grade solid fuel designed for baking, grilling, and smoking on BBQs.

Our boxed charcoal is perfect for direct or indirect cooking and will reach temperatures of 300 - 400°C ready for cooking on after 10-20 minutes. Conveniently stored in 10kg boxes, Lumpwood Charcoal can be easily transferred from the car boot to your garden and poured into the grill or chimney starter.  

Important features: 

  • Sealed in 10kg boxes 
  • Large lumps of restaurant grade charcoal 
  • Made from carbonised oak wood 
  • Reaches high temperatures in 10 – 20 minutes 

When paired with natural firelighters, you can light your charcoal the clean and safe way. The flame will spread within minutes. Glowing coals or a coating of white ash is a tell-tale sign that your charcoal is hot enough to cook on.