Oak Sacks (50ltr)
Oak Sacks (50ltr)

Oak Sacks (50ltr)

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 Woodsure Ready to Burn (WS207)

Premium kiln dried oak logs, supplied in jute firewood sacks; perfectly sized for a long weekend’s burn. The logs are cut to 25cm (10inch) lengths, split and kiln-dried to have a moisture content below 20%.

Oak is denser, hence harder to light than other hardwoods but will last much longer once alight.  Buy with Homefire Sacks (Birch) to get your stove up to heat before adding Oak to reduce the stove reloading times. 

On Offer: A container load of oak sacks was purchased in the summer and have been priced accordingly.  The price will rise in line with the Ash sacks once this stock runs out.

Oak logs are a by-product of the timber industry.  Using the smaller branches and misshapen lengths of wood that cannot be used in the manufacture of furniture, flooring, structural frames, and veneers.

The hessian sack is made of vegetable fibres woven together to create a reusable fabric that’s durable enough to hold 50 litres of firewood logs.

  • Ready to burn accredited
  • 50 litre jute firewood sacks made of natural vegetable fibres
  • Logs’ moisture levels 20% or less
  • High calorific value with long burn time
  • Traditional, Oak has been used as firewood for hundreds of years
  • Produces a lovely, romantic flame
  • Less maintenance.  As Oak burns more slowly, you will not have to tend the fire as often.

If you are storing your logs outside, keep them above ground and protect with a waterproof cover. 

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