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About ABOC

Our History

Our solid fuel business started in 2008.  Following delivery issues with our coalman and running out of fuel we started purchasing pre-packed bags from garage forecourts.  Although more expensive, it meant we could regulate supply and more importantly store bags in the garage and simply carry into our home when needed.  This meant we no longer needed a bunker and the mess associated with filling and emptying it, often having to do so when cold or raining.  Idea!...

Having garage space, a tonne was purchased commercially making the price comparable with loose delivery.  That was three years supply for our home, so having another business we placed adverts promoting a coal delivery service.  The business was born, ABOC Solid Fuels (formerly, A Bit of Coal, the name being a derivative of our original business Abitovadu).

Today, ABOC are dedicated to the Sale, Service, Installation and Maintenance of all Solid Fuel related appliances. HETAS Approved; SweepSafe Approved Chimney Sweep; Approved Coal Merchant and Woodfuel Merchant; and North East Fuel Trade Distributor.
From selling and installing your stove, we feed and look after it during its life. A true 'cradle to grate' Solid Fuel service delivered from a 1000 sq ft dedicated Solid Fuel Centre.

Woodsure Ready To Burn certified fuels

All of our fuels are Woodsure Ready To Burn certified. Modern clean burning stoves are designed to burn dry wood. Using wet wood on your stove will lead to an increase in smoke and emissions with low heat produced.  Government legislation since 01/05/2021.

HETAS Approved Chimney Sweeps

Our aim is to ensure that any Solid Fuel burnt in your home or workplace is done safely and efficiently.  Regular cleaning of your chimney or flue and maintenance of the appliance is necessary to achieve that.

HETAS Trained Staff

We have staff which have undergone the training to provide you with a good standard of service. This means you can have confidence that you are being recommended safe and legal products.