Wood Pellets, 15kg
Wood Pellets, 15kg
Wood Pellets, 15kg

Wood Pellets, 15kg

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Pellets are for specific applications only, biomass stoves or pizza ovens.  For general stove or open fire burning, use standard logs and firewood. 
Ante supplies wood pellets made from certified sawdust in HD quality. The raw material for the production of the wood pellets is white sawdust, which is produced during the manufacture of all of ante wood products. The bark-free chips are processed directly into high-quality HD pellets without intermediate transport and stored on site. The convenient location of the ante locations in the middle of Germany ensures you a quick and comprehensive supply of pellets from the factory.
The ENPlus A1 certification ensures their quality and efficiency when burned in appliances. 

Important features
  • Used in Biomass stoves, boiler and pizza ovens.
  • Made from sawmill residue
  • 15kg bags
  • Reliable, clean, and efficient
  • Low moisture content and ash content below 0.5%

Although less common in the UK, hardwood pellets are widely used in the US and Europe and are highly regarded as an excellent biomass fuel.