Chimney Sweep Booking

Chimney Sweep Booking

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Our Chimney Sweep aims to keep your fire and home safe. Its important to get your chimney swept at least once a year to prevent blockage and build ups of soot, creosote and other debris like birds’ nest and cobwebs to allow the safe passage of dangerous gasses to exist through your chimney. A regularly swept chimney will help to eliminate the very real and serious issue of a chimney fire which can be devasting to your personal safety and your home.
Your chimney will be swept to the latest industry standards using the latest power sweeping equipment and H class dust extraction vacuum as well as all areas around stove or open fire covered with dust sheets to protect your home. Once the sweep is completed a fire safety check/ smoke test/ C02 alarm and visual inspection of your appliance and chimney stack/ pot will be carried out. A certificate will then be issued for the homeowner.

To enquire about a chimney sweep or to ask for advice about your stove please contact me by email or via these contact details.


0191 295 0523


1000 Shields Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne. NE6 4SQ

Prices from:

  • Standard chimney sweep from £65
  • Out of Area from £75 (See first page)
  • New customer from £85
  • Summer Discount £10 off if sweep completed between May - August

Contact us to arrange an appointment at a time that suits you. Please include your name, postcode and phone number if you email.

If you are booking online the price will not be added to your order. We will arrange this when we contact you back. Ensure you click on delivery option: Pick up in Store, so this option becomes free delivery.

Please note: if you are wanting more than 1 chimney, the additional chimneys will be £10 less than the first chimney, and they must be within the same property.