Chimney Flue Balloon
Chimney Flue Balloon
Chimney Flue Balloon
Chimney Flue Balloon

Chimney Flue Balloon

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The SmartBalloon is a reusable, simple and easy to use household device that reduces the amount of heat loss through the chimney flue, while at the same time maintaining a ventilated living room when the fire is not in use. Because warm air naturally rises, the Chimney Flue is a major source of heat loss. The Chimney Flue Balloon effectively provides a barrier to prevent cold draughts and heat loss, saving you money on fuel bills and naturally making the living area warmer, more comfortable and with less cross draughts.
  •  Prevents warm air unnecessarily escaping up the chimney flue
  •  Reduces heating costs
  •  Reduces excessive cross room draughts
  •  Easy to install, inflate and remove
  •  Prevents cold draughts blowing down the chimney
  •  Durable design - may be repeatedly used season after season
  •  Unique balloon design provides for trickle ventilation
  •  Mini pump and hose Included.