Chimney Pots

Chimney Pots

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Cannon Head Red (terracotta) Chimney Pot for new and replacement installations. Manufactured in the UK. To be fixed onto a masonry chimney stack, over the flue liner, to convey combustion gases from a solid fuel fire safely into the atmosphere.
Comes in 3 sizes: 300mm 450mm 600mm.

Approved Document J will apply to the fitting of a flue terminal facility in respect of height and position.
A chimney pot should always be used to obtain a satisfactory chimney performance.
The chimney should not be terminated with just a mortar flaunching. Inspect the chimney pot, confirm it is undamaged and ensure it is suitable for use with the flue system and the type of fire installed.
Inspect the chimney stack for cracks and repair any defective mortar pointing. Check that the flue lining is sound and totally clear of debris.
Any mortar ingress into the flue liner should be wiped clean to ensure smooth passage for the flue gases and for sweeping.
A damp proof course should be installed below the top layer of brickwork.
The space between the outside of the flue liner and the chimney stack should be filled with insulating material such as weak lime mortar or lightweight vermiculite type insulating cement. Ensure the top of the chimney stack is flat.