Cowl C-Cap
Cowl C-Cap
Cowl C-Cap

Cowl C-Cap

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Economical terracotta plastic chimney cowl for disused chimneys.

The C-Cap is a revolutionary design of chimney cap which helps minimise heat loss from disused chimney flues. It provides 100% protection of the flue against rain, hail, snow, nesting birds, leaves etc. - protecting it from damage while still allowing ventilation of the flue.

C-Cap is exceptionally easy to fit. It is simply pushed into any round chimney pot and held securely in place by two spring wires.

Technical Specification:
  • Injection-moulded from tough, recyclable ABS thermoplastic, the C-Cap fits neatly over the chimney pot, where it is retained by galvanised steel spring wires
  • Can be fitted to any standard round of appropriate size and is light enough to allow several to easily be carried up the roof
  • Many thousands of C-Caps are fitted throughout the UK, as far north as the Orkneys, and it is the only cowl for disused chimneys that guarantees 100% protection against rain, snow, debris and nesting birds
  • The standard 300mm C-Cap fits pots up to 11” external diameter and is supplied with an integral insect screen (use optional), to provide additional protection against swarming bees and nesting wasps.
  • The larger 350mm C-Cap for larger pots which fit up to 330mm/13" external diameter.