Cowl Capper Square

Cowl Capper Square

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The Brewer Chimney Capper provides a rainguard for disused chimneys, whilst allowing the flue to ventilate. 

Rain entry into redundant chimneys is one of the main causes of structural decay to chimney stacks. The decay, caused by the natural freeze/thaw cycle of the weather, can ultimately cause great expense. Water works its way into the mortar between the brickwork and as it freezes, expands, eventually leading to cracks in the brickwork.

The Brewer Chimney Capper offers a simple solution at a low price that prevents rain, bird and debris entry while still allowing nominal ventilation.

  • Colour: Natural Aluminium, Terracotta, Black, Buff
  • Material: Aluminium Cap & Stainless Steel Strap
  • Use: Suitable for disused chimneys only
  • Features: Rainguard
  • Pot Diameter: Designed to fit 150mm to 250mm internal diameter pots 
  • Fixing: Stainless steel strap and fitting instructions included