Replacing Your Stove Rope
Replacing Your Stove Rope

Replacing Your Stove Rope

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Help with replacing your rope

We have a range of soft and firm knitted fibre glass rope seals, in diameters from 3mm to 16mm. It depends on your make and model of stove, which rope you will need. Below is a guide to help you choose which one you need to buy.

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When to replace

We recommend that you you should at least check your stove once in a while. The rope may look loose or worn or your door isn't sealing properly. You can check the seal of the door by holding a piece of paper and pulling it to see if it moves. Check for any tar deposits forming quickly on your stove glass, then it is time to replace it.

What size and how much?

Choosing the Correct Rope Thickness.
Check with your manufacturer for the correct measurement you need for your stove rope. 
Your door rope seal will most likely sit in a groove in the metal of the door - if it does then measuring the width and depth of this groove tells you the thickness of rope you will need. For example, if you measure 12mm wide and 10mm deep then order 12mm rope.

Be aware not to oversize the rope, as this may lead to the door not closing sufficiently.

Measure round the frame of your door and don't forget to measure round the glass too. On average it would be about 3 metres.

Soft or Firm Rope

It depends on the manufacturer of your stove whether you need soft or hard stove rope.

Your stove manufacturer will be able to tell you, or it might be specified in your user manual. 

The stove rope seals supplied by us is manufactured from a soft or firm weave fibre glass which is heat resistant up to 1200°

To test it yourself, remove some of the rope and press it. If it flattens by at least half, then the chances are it will be soft rope, whereas firm rope is harder and more difficult to flatten.


How to replace Stove Rope?

There are many websites that will give you good advice on how to change stove rope. Here is one that we recommend:

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