Jackdaw Bird Guard

Jackdaw Bird Guard

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Problems caused by birds, squirrels, and other debris are now easily remedied using a Jackdaw bird guard cowl.  The jackdaw bird guard is designed to prevent birds and pests from entering and nesting in the top of your chimney or flue.  

A spring design allows for easy application, simply squeeze the guard inwards and place into the chimney pot.

Why Choose this Jackdaw Bird Guard Cowl?

  • Specifically designed to deter birds from accessing and nesting in your chimney.
  • Suitable for all fuels including oil, coal, and solid fuel, making it a versatile choice for various heating systems.
  • Simply push the chimney guard into the chimney pot, and it will expand into place, ensuring a secure fit.
  • Universal Size: Fits both round and square pots up to 250mm, offering compatibility with a wide range of chimney configurations.
  • Color: Terracota