MR Screw Fit Adaptor 5/6"

MR Screw Fit Adaptor 5/6"

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5" Screw on to 6" flexible liner adaptor is used to connect from your stove pipe to Flexible flue liner by simply screwing direct to the flexible flue liner.
Speed up your installation time (no need for screws).


Push the bottom end of ultraflex liner into the cavity between the inner and outer skin of the stainless steel adaptor, then drill through the outer skin, and secure with three self tapping screws,(not supplied).

now fill any gaps between the liner and outer skin of adaptor with fire cement,(note do not push fire cement inside the cavity before liner is inserted as will block the drainage holes)lastly push the bottom of the adaptor inside the flue pipe and seal with fire cement.

We recommend that all installations are carried out by a qualified chimney installer.