Portable Wood Fired Stove
Portable Wood Fired Stove

Portable Wood Fired Stove

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Portable wood fired camp stove, perfect for outdoor heating, cooking and living.  Whether you are in a tent, motorhome or staying outdoors this little camp stove is perfect to keep you warm and cook your food or boil your kettle.  Perfect for festivals, glamping even in the back garden with the kids they will love it, it gives you a real sense of living outdoors and a sense of adventure.

Do not use the stove inside tents, risk of Carbon monoxide poisoning

  • Integrated package. Included 5 pcs 400mm chimney, 60mm diameter, steel sections that store easily inside the stove combustion chamber. The chimney can also be put above the stove bag;
  • Dimensions: 83.5cm long, 55cm wide (with legs extended) and 55cm tall (with chimney assembled);
  • Adjust door damper and adjust flue damper for adjustable temperature settings;
  • Includes damper tool and removable spark protection under the door;
  • Easy installation. You only need to plug the chimney and expand the legs of the stove body in a few minutes;
  • The legs can be nailed into the ground for use on uneven surfaces;
  • Door opening is 15.5cm x 14cm;
  • Firebox measures 45cm long, 25cm wide and 19.2cm tall;
  • Portable design. Weighs only 12.5kgs and storage size is 30x30x50cm which are easy for transport;
  • Removable top plate for water boiling and open fire cooking.