Smokeless 10kg, 3 types
Smokeless 10kg, 3 types
Smokeless 10kg, 3 types

Smokeless 10kg, 3 types

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DEFRA Fuel ID: Blaze, MSF0143
DEFRA Fuel ID: Brazier, MSF0219
DEFRA Fuel ID: Cosilite, MSF0175

10kg bag of Smokeless Briquettes.

Blaze, Brazier and Cosilite are certified smokeless fuels for multi fuel stoves and open fires.  These are very similar products, designed to give a great heat output and long burn as well as being easy to light!

For convenience and cleanliness, all smokeless products come pre-packed in extra strong sealed bags with a guaranteed weight that can easily be carried and stored in your home or garage.  This means you don't need a bunker.  No problem, cutting and filling your bunker if required, free of charge. 

Great value smokeless fuels, used for open fires and multi-fuel stoves.  Giving a good flame, generating a lot of heat while leaving behind very little ash.  Combines all the traditional qualities of a real fire and produces a fraction of the smoke and less carbon dioxide than coal.  Manufactured ovoid briquettes, designed to provide air flow improving your fire.  Not suitable for log burners or closed appliances.

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