Bird Guard Round

Bird Guard Round

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Problems caused by birds, squirrels, leaves and other debris are now easily remedied using a Brewer Birdguard Round Chimney Cowl. Suitable for solid fuel applications and featuring a natural appearance, it stops birds from being trapped behind gas fire back panels (eliminating costly call outs to remove fire). It's also easy to place for a secure fitting via the simple and secure leg and stainless steel strap system.

Manufactured in England from Brewer's factory, stainless steel is ideal for solid fuel systems when burning coals and smokeless fuels because these can be more corrosive than other fuel types. Models with the integral rain cap as standard ensure a substantial reduction in rain entry and subsequent structural damage caused by the freeze/thaw cycle. For sizing, this guard is designed to fit live chimneys, redundant chimneys and flues between 150mm and 250mm (6" to 10") internal diameter.

Note: Chimney pots not included

Features & Benefits:

  • Suitable for solid fuel applications
  • Can resolve issues caused by birds, squirrels, leaves, and debris
  • Prevents birds from getting trapped behind gas fire back panels, saving costs on removal calls
  • Easy and secure fitting with a stainless steel strap
  • Models with a rain cap significantly reduce rain entry
  • Integral rain cap minimizes rain entry and prevents structural damage from freeze/thaw cycle
  • Suitable for live chimneys, redundant chimneys and flues, including wood, coal and oil.