Stove Bends 5"
Stove Bends 5"
Stove Bends 5"
Stove Bends 5"

Stove Bends 5"

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Vitreous enamel matt black bends. Should only be used as a connection between your appliance and Flue Liner / Chimney Stack / Twin Wall Flue System.
Stove pipe should not be used to pass through ceilings or combustible walls.

Our 5" (125mm) Stove Pipe Bends are available in 15, 30, 45 or 90 degree angles. These bends are used to change the direction of the flue. 

Our Stove Pipe is a comprehensive range of matt black vitreous enamelled flue pipe. Manufactured in accordance with ISO9001-2008 using low carbon steel, 1mm thick. Suitable for oil, gas and Solid Fuels, for domestic heating appliances. Finished products have an internal and external vitreous enamel coating to offer extremely high resistance to heat and toxic or corrosive gasses meeting with the requirements of BSEN ISO 28706 – 1:2011.

• Robust
• Friction Fit (No Fire Clay required)
• Wide range of diameters (100mm – 200mm)
• Versatile and capable of satisfying the demands of most installations
• Continuity and Quality