Woody Beech Briketts
Woody Beech Briketts

Woody Beech Briketts

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Woody Briketts: 100% Beech Briquettes, HACCP food safe. Each box contains 9 heat logs weighing 15kgs Per Box.

Woody Briketts are a heat log made of 100% Beech sawdust compressed under extreme pressure with no additives to form a "Heat Log Briquette". They burn extremely hot, are long lasting and have a very high calorific content generating a really good heat.

Manufactured in Italy, designed for pizza ovens and extensively laboratory tested and accredited by the "Woodsure Ready To Burn Scheme".  One of the few heat logs with this accreditation.  Packed in cardboard boxes that are easy to store and also nice for display at the side of your fire.

Extensively by chefs in Italy as they get to temperature very quickly, are long lasting and create a lovely flame.

NB - These briquettes do EXPAND when lit so do not overfill your fire and if you have a very small stove may be best to break in half.

Heat Logs should be kept in a dry environment and not left outside.