Ash Sacks (60ltr)
Ash Sacks (60ltr)

Ash Sacks (60ltr)

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Woodsure Ready To Burn (WS varies with supplier)

Ash (and Oak) are widely regarded as the best hardwoods for burning. These logs will burn around 30% longer than birch.  Our Ash logs are a standard 10" (25cm) long, neatly stacked into 60x90cm hessian sacks with a small underfill at the top for carrying purposes, giving an approximate 58ltr.  Due to moisture contebt, logs are sold by volume not weight, however, for loading purposes we allow 30kg for the ash sacks.

Ash is denser, hence harder to light than other hardwoods but will last much longer once alight.  Buy with Homefire Sacks (Birch) to get your stove up to heat before adding Ash  to reduce the stove reloading times.

The thickness (size) of the logs depends on the diameter of the branch it was cut from.  The larger the log, the longer it will last.  If the logs are too large for your grate or you prefer smaller logs, put them to one side and we will swop out.

The sacks are branded "", we will gladly collect them on your next delivery.

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