Newburn 20kg
Newburn 20kg

Newburn 20kg

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DEFRA Fuel ID: MSF0149

Newburn is our most popular smokeless product due to its long burn time and low ash.  Sold in 20kg bags.  For Bulk buying see our table below. 

For convenience and cleanliness, all smokeless products come pre-packed in extra strong sealed bags with a guaranteed weight.  These can easily be carried and stored in your home or garage, which means you don't need a bunker.  Our driver will happily open the bags and pour into your bunker free of charge if required.

Great value smokeless fuel, used for open fires and multi-fuel stoves.  Giving a good flame, generating a lot of heat while leaving behind very little ash.  Combines all the traditional qualities of a real fire and produces a fraction of the smoke and less carbon dioxide than coal.  Manufactured ovoid briquettes, about 70mm long, designed to provide air flow improving your fire.  Not suitable for wood only burners.

Smokeless and Logs should not be burnt together as sulphuric acid can form in your chimney and rot the flue liner (if fitted).  However, near the end of the fire, when the sulphur has burnt out, the fuel can be topped up with hardwood logs (Oak or Ash is recommended due to its longer burning features)

Volume discounts, automatic 8% on orders over £130.

Bulk Buys:

  • 200kg = 10 bags: 10 x 20kg = £148 - 8% = £136.16
  • 500kg = 25 bags: 25 x 20kg = £370 - 8% = £340.40
  • 1000kg = 50 bags: 49 bags x £14.80 = £725.20 - 8% = £667.18
         Order 49 bags and we will add an extra bag = 50 (1 tonne)