Ash Crates

Ash Crates

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Woodsure Ready to Burn (WS identifier varies with supplier).
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Why use ABOC for your Ash crates:
  • Quality RTB ash logs
  • Competitive pricing
  • Unrivalled service, we will help if required
  • Add extras on and get delivered at the same time.

Please check delivery information at the bottom of this page.

Premium Kiln Dried Ash Logs delivered in tightly packed crates.  Crates are the most cost effective method of purchasing RTB branded logs.  Ash (and Oak) are widely regarded as the best hardwoods for burning. These logs will burn around 30% longer than birch.  You will be purchasing a Winters worth of high quality fuel and will need the space to store and keep the crate dry. 

  • External, approx. 1.20m wide x 0.85m deep x 1.10m high = 1.12m³
  • Estimated: 0.8m³ internal;1.5m³ loose volume; 430-480kg
  • Logs are approximately 25cm long to fit most wood burning stoves
  • Thickness (size) of the logs can vary.  The larger the log, the longer it will last
  • The crate can be chopped up and used for kindling or starter fuel for your stove.

The price and quality of crates cannot be compared to logs delivered loose or in dumpy bags. These can be of an unspecified or mixed type; low quality (>20% moisture); up to twice the volume of crated logs; and have to be stacked at your premises. 

Use our store to add your kindling, firelighters and Birch logs to get your fire up to heat before adding the Ash and get the 8% discount.

Delivery Options

We have two options for delivery:

  • Haulier delivery is kerb side only, see information below
  • ABOC are now trialling a Tip My Logs service in our service area only.

Crates can only be delivered by haulier if you want the crate kept intact, as we don't have the facility to unload a full crate. However, if you prefer, we can deliver and tip logs from our vans onto your property. We would check your property on Google Maps to make sure it is possible for easy access. 

We can also give you the option for our delivery driver to carry the logs to your log storage area for a small fee of £10.

Tip my logs:
  • Day and approximate time will be agreed before delivery
  • We will arrange a dry day with you for delivery
  • We will check you property on Google Maps for accessibility first
  • Van MUST be able to be parked on your drive or kerbside very close to your property
  • The crate will be opened and logs dropped immediately outside the van
  • We will leave the empty crate for you to use or take it away
  • Option - Driver assistance to move the logs a short distance on your premises £10 (half hour).  Must be booked prior to ordering.

Haulier Delivery

ABOC currently deliver in the North East (NE, SR, and DH postcodes) only using 3.5tonne vans.  The Ash crates weigh around 500kg and we do not have the facility to unload the crate at site so require a haulier.
The haulier is contracted to deliver kerbside as close as possible to your home.  Placing the crate onto your property is at the discretion of the driver. 

Please see our Haulier Delivery Page for information on delivery of these crates.